Latvian Economy of Growth — how to achieve?

The current Latvian economic and financial policy can only be regarded as partly successful, as it has failed to promote the full national development potential. This fact is demonstrated by statistical data where Latvia ranks among the low-scoring EU and OECD countries in almost all

How to fight Russia state organised propoganda. Research.

Here you can read research and expert articles on how democratic states can protect their values and informative space against authoritarian state propaganda: “Resisting Foreign State Propaganda in the New Information Environment: the case of the EU, Russia, and the Eastern Partnership countries”

Reducing waste in the food sector

On 6th December 2016 in Riga the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Freedom and Solidarity Foundation hosted discussion “Reducing waste in the food sector.” Representatives from non-governmental organisations, experts, civil servants and politicians participated in discussion in order to jointly search for solutions at

Reducing waste in the food sector

Forum, Riga,  Aspāzijas bulvāris 28 Tuesday 6th December 2016 10:30 – 14:30 One third of green house gas emissions comes from the agricultural sector. If we want to look at how to address the environmental degradation of our planet, we need to look further into

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Lost in transition?

The European standards behind refugee integration  Judit Tánczos, Legal Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Group This paper gives an overview of the current integration standards established within the Common European Asylum System and highlights the possible effects of the changing EU and national legal environment on