How to deal with Russian propaganda. Study.

Here you can get acquainted with research and expert papers on how democratic countries defend their values and the informative space against the propaganda of authoritarian countries: “Resisting Foreign State Propaganda in the New Information Environment: the case of the EU, Russia, and the Eastern Partnership countries”

(Food) Waste Not Want Not

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) together with the Freedom and Solidarity Foundation (BSF) is holding an event and discussion to launch its latest publication on the topic of food waste. Joint work on this topic began with a seminar in 2016 and has

Future Scenarios for the European Union

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Latvia [Friedrich Ebert Foundation], in cooperation with the Freedom and Solidarity Foundation, will organize a discussion on the European Union future to ask the question: “What could be Future Scenarios for the European Union. The goal of the discussion is to share analysis and vision

Latvian Economy of Growth — how to achieve?

The current Latvian economic and financial policy can only be regarded as partly successful, as it has failed to promote the full national development potential. This fact is demonstrated by statistical data where Latvia ranks among the low-scoring EU and OECD countries in almost all