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Latviešu un angļu valodā izdota grāmata “Aprites ekonomika un zaļās darba vietas ES un ārpus tās”

“Ņemot vērā ievērojamo dabas resursu patēriņa un radīto atkritumu apjoma pieaugumu, aprites ekonomikas jēdziens ir kļuvis arvien plašāks gan akadēmiskajās, gan politikas debatēs. Jaunā Eiropas Komisijas aprites ekonomikas tiesību aktu pakete (publicēta 2022. gada marta beigās), kurā, cita starpā, iekļauta arī ekodizaina iniciatīva un ilgtspējīgas

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Specific actions in the field of housing and social housing in the EU

As of today, the lack of broad societal access to affordable housing is one of the most pertinent issues faced by European States. Deepening, broadening, and updating the pre-existing institutions that provide accessible housing services in various forms, as well as adopting new methodologies for affordable housing, would

The Circular Economy and Green Jobs in the EU and Beyond

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that is underpinned by a transition to renewable energy and materials. It is a resilient system that is good for business, people and the environment.The Circular Economy and Green Jobs in the EU and Beyond examines what the circular

How to deal with Russian propaganda. Study.

Here you can get acquainted with research and expert papers on how democratic countries defend their values and the informative space against the propaganda of authoritarian countries: “Resisting Foreign State Propaganda in the New Information Environment: the case of the EU, Russia, and the Eastern Partnership countries”